Illuminating Your Journey to Love

We truly are The Ones we have been waiting for… If you are reading this, then You are likely One of Those who have chosen to incarnate here on Earth at this time to assist with the process of Ascension for ourselves, for each other, and for this planet. We are The Ones who have been called to fully awaken to our own multidimensionality, and to remember who we truly are as highly evolved beings with advanced emotional, intellectual, and intuitive consciousness. We are The Ones who are capable of empathy and enlightened thinking, with courage, confidence, clarity, certainty, and commitment to our Truth. Now is the time to permit any old wounds from the past to be healed, so that each of us is ready to Shine All of the Love and Light We Are Meant to Be into this world. Each of us has a special role to play as part of a divine plan, and the more we align with our true purpose in this lifetime the easier it will be to create positive change within our own beings and for the world. The question truly is, ‘If Not NOW, When?’

As humans, we have been blessed with the capacities of self-reflection and freewill, and it is a conscious choice as to whether we commit to true love, loving, and being loved or choose to get stuck in a downward spiral of lower vibrational living. How are you blocking the flow of Love in your life? Isn’t it time to release any old worn-out patterns of thinking and feeling that are no longer serving you so you may start to create something new and much more fulfilling? To become the Conscious Evolutionaries we are meant to be, we must become aware of how every thought we think, every word we speak, and every choice we make energetically affects all of our relationships, our health, and every single outcome in our lives. We are truly The Creators of our lives and must appreciate the power and impact of our personal energetic frequency in our lives and in the collective field of humanity. In this way, we are truly The Creators of our Destiny.

Your Spiritual Guidance team loves you dearly and is standing by awaiting your invitation to join us on your Journey to Love. They are eager to support you in the opening to loving yourself and loving others more deeply and would like to remind you that anything that may have been causing chaos, confusion or distress in your life can indeed be transcended. Discover how you can access the spiritual guidance needed to liberate you from the confines of limited beliefs and scarcity consciousness to experience the freedom of a more joyful, meaningful and fulfilling life. When you are able to more clearly understand how unresolved matters from your past lives could still be wreaking havoc in your current lifetime, it will become easier to appreciate that your soul has gained much wisdom from your unique soul journey, and that your contributions are essential to the unfolding of the Divine Plan on Earth at this time.

You are invited to discover how you can empower your quantum field to help you create new pathways to love in your own life and in the world. Join me for three one-hour channeling sessions that will bring in what is needed from the wisdom of your own soul journey so that you may free yourself from any residual bondage of the past and more fully align with your purpose in this lifetime. Discover sacred tools that are already yours which can support you in changing your life for the better. Together we will access and utilize the ancient wisdom and esoteric teachings of energy healing traditions, and the specific vibrational medicine that will guide you to forgive, release, and have gratitude for all of the wisdom gained from the pain of any past experience so that you will be able to love yourself and others in ways that you will never regret.

I hereby invite you to begin your Journey to Love by asking yourself, ‘If Not NOW, When?’ When you are ready to say YES to Falling in Love with Your Life, I’d love to hear from you! It’s time to get on board! This train will be leaving the station soon…

I am offering a very special personal mentoring package of Three One-Hour Journey to Love mentoring sessions by phone for a very special price of only $399 that can save you years of therapy and change your life. Audio recordings are included. Are you ready to sign up for three hours with me that will be worth their weight in gold? Contact me today to get started. You know who you are. Your Journey to Love begins with YOU, and it can begin TODAY.

I send you Many Blessings and Much Love!



Leah Denmark is a master energy healer, destiny awakener, and soul journey mentor based in Sedona. With an advanced degree in the field of transpersonal psychology, she has been in private practice for more than 30 years, helping to create conscious evolution for people from all walks of life. Leah has traveled the world as a life-long student of esoteric wisdom teachings as they support the human potential movement, and her spiritual guidance, energy healing, and clairvoyant hand analysis work are known for enriching and transforming lives.