Energy of Color

What’s your Color Energy?

What are the Colors of your Personality?

What are the Colors of your Light Body?

Color is a powerful vibrational communicator, capable of evoking deep thought and emotion, as well as surprising attitudes and behaviors. It’s easy to see the effects of different colors in our lives and all around the world. Each color carries its own sacred intelligence, and each color influences us differently. We experience the energy of the different colors used in advertising, as well as in works of art and in our everyday lives.

We absorb information from Color through all of our senses, and the effects of Color can even be measured in our personality. Color has a profound effect on our lives and it is actually considered to be a form of living energy.

Whether you’d like to soothe your nerves, heal an illness, inspire feelings of romance, reawaken your creativity, or make a more powerful impact in the world, the sacred energy of color will either help or hinder your success.

The Energy of Color

· Impacts our physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing.

· Can help or hinder our ability to achieve the results we want

· Influences our state of mind, emotions and relationships

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