Choose Your Thoughts Wisely

By La Rue Briggs, Catalytic Hypnotherapist

Spend more time focusing on the positive in your life! Spend less time focusing negatively!

Enjoy each moment fully!

One of the most powerful traits f the human species is the ability to think. It is our thought processes that elevate us from the rest of the animal kingdom. Not only do our thoughts distinguish us from all lover forms of life, but also from each other. You see, our thoughts are actually who we are.

Each one of us has our own unique pattern of thought for processing all of our feelings and determining our reactions. It’s just this personalized internalization that determines our happiness, or achievements, our health and our wellbeing.

So often I sit with clients who are relating their personal struggles, normal every day issues we all face. As I listen, I sense confusion, a fear or even panic in them. These negative feelings all stem from negative thoughts. This is because our thoughts produce responses in the body. To illustrate, think of a lemon! Imagine cutting into it, smelling it and now squeezing the juice into your mouth. Then imagine digging your teeth into the center of it. Most people respond to the very thought of a lemon,

Now concentrate, for a moment, on your favorite place in nature. A beach, a meadow, a mountaintop. Notice what feelings that elicits. As you go through these examples, notice how your thoughts and feelings change. You are capable of moving from one state to another at will. For many, negative thinking has become a bad habit. When we are experiencing discomfort, either emotional or physical, we’re not controlling our thoughts. If we are not in control, then our experiences keep relating back to what’s happened before. Instead of changing the negative outcomes, we keep the same thoughts, same behaviors, and therefore the same outcomes, even though it may not be the outcome we desire. As long as we are misdirecting our energies and focusing on negative outcomes that is just exactly what we will receive – more of what we don’t want!

I believe we’re here to live a life full of love, joy and happiness. We can achieve this by simply focusing on being happy. What’s important is what you’re doing with your life right now!

Our yesterdays are gone. Forget about the past!!

Take a moment to forgive whomever you may need to.

Most of all, forgive yourself for any failures, and focus on your successes.

Wipe the slate clean.

The present moment and present thoughts are the ones we have control over. When we start truly living in the present, fear and confusion diminish. We Begin to appreciate our present experiences, without judgement from the past.

Remember, the past does not dictate the future!

The only 09wer we hold from the past is in this present moment, because we are wiser and more experienced right now than at any other point in our lives. Argue for your limitations and they are YOURS!!

Start expecting the best for yourself.

If you think you can or cannot, you are always right.

No thoughts can dwell in our minds without permission. We must CHOOSE our thoughts, and only permit those that are kind, strong and determined.