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Your SUPERPOWER is your ability to access deep intuition on demand.

...Gregg Braden


Our shadows and our light are here to be used as a map to help us recover our stories and reclaim our power from wherever it was lost.

We are meant to accept our darkness as compassionately as we eagerly embrace our light, because both can be our greatest teachers.

...Leah Denmark

Leah Denmark

Intuitive Healing for the Soul

For your Personal Growth & Empowerment

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About Leah

Leah is a Master Energy Healer, Advanced Psychic and Spiritual Channel with a background in the field of transpersonal psychology, and more than 30 years experience working in-person and remotely with people from all over the world from her private practice in Sedona.

How Leah got Started

Early in this lifetime Leah experienced a tremendous spiritual awakening which has guided her to study with spiritual teachers, indigenous healers and wisdom keepers in some of the world’s most sacred traditions in Egypt, India, Australia, Great Britain, Scandinavia and North & South America.

Her intuitive counseling work brings together all of her travels in this lifetime and beyond, in ways that are frequently considered to be healing, inspiring and transformational.

Everything is energy
We are all vibrational beings living in a vibrational universe. In order to maintain optimal health & vitality of the body, mind & spirit, our personal energy fields must operate in balance & harmony. Energy healing is needed when our energy becomes imbalanced due to any past or present trauma or illness which may not have been fully healed or released.

  • Unlock the Abundance of your Chakras

  • Manifest Your Soulmate

  • Create Deeper Peace

  • Improve Health & Healing

  • Align with Your Life’s Purpose

  • Strengthen Personal Empowerment

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