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What is Alphabiotics?


Alphabiotics is the new science of stress release and recovery, with focus on cause correction.

In a matter of seconds this process sends a sensory input to the brain, letting it know that a defensive stress response is not needed.  This results in muscular tension dropping, weak muscles strengthening, and energy increasing to all parts of the body.


Alphabiotics employs a method of stress release which improves health, happiness, disease prevention, and longevity...

It does not heal, treat, cure or diagnose, but rather supports the brian/body in more effectively healing and rebalancing itself. 

...Kurt Young

Kurt Young

Certified Alphabioticist

Kurt Young is a certified Alphabioticist and was trained by Dr. Virgil Chrane, Jr., the founder of Alphabiotics International, and his son Dr. Michael Chrane in Dallas, Texas in 2005.

He has been sharing the benefits of Alphabiotics since then, and started the Sedona Alphabiotic Center in 2013.

Kurt has been helping people from all walks of life with varying health challenges, encouraging all to live a proactive lifestyle.

Alphabiotics is a communication process enabling the brain to come out of a persistent stress state.  The result is whole brain function, decreased tension, increased energy flow, improved muscle response, and the body’s enhanced ability to more effectively heal and rebalance itself. 

In office visits in Sedona, as well as remote sessions, are available.

Phone: (805) 636-5933

Email: enjoyalphabiotics@gmail.com