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Jonathan is a compassionate, gifted and talented individual.  When we worked together, not only did Jonathan provide deep and thoughtful insight and beautiful poetry, but when we conducted our session, he was able to ask thought provoking questions that allowed me the space I needed to tap into my own spiritual wisdom and insight. Such an important step because in the business of healing, the healer is not the practitioner. The practitioner merely guides the client through the process because we are, in fact, responsible for our own healing.  I love how Jonathan respects and promotes this idea to allow his clients to reach the greatest results possible. I truly enjoyed our session and the benefits of that session continue to unfold even weeks later. I Highly recommend this immaculate professional!"

Jennifer Agger, MS, CFT, RMT

Jonathan’s soul poems present initially as simple yet as you read them they unpack with powerful energy for personal insight.  I appreciate that Jonathan took the time to readthrough the poem with me to assist with delving deeper into the wise messages from my soul. I love that the stanzas could be read in different directions for even deeper insight. This was an experience that I will treasure forever.” 

Thank you, Kate

Jonathan Ellis

listen within

my dear spirit friend

where does the fabric

of your life tear and rend

let your soul guide your steps

on the path to the goal

reconnect you to Source

make you once again whole




through these poems

i sit and scribe

your soul has voice

expressing your true vibe

with gentle encouragement

and unconditional love

your soul guides you

on high from above


About Jonathan

I am here to help you get in touch with that still, small voice within—the one that everyone has but to which we so rarely listen. Your soul holds all your memories and experiences and is always available, ready to encourage you towards your highest good.

During a session, I write multiple messages in eight-line poetic stanzas that convey subtle communication from your soul and speak directly to you. With each re-reading, the poems transform what might at first appear to be simple rhymes into a deep, multi-dimensional message that we explore together.

As your Soulscribe®, I spontaneously pen inspired messages:
* From your soul to you
* from your soul to a question
* from your soul to the soul of another person
* from your soul to a pain in your body


In service to you and the Divine,

Jonathan Ellis, Soulscribe®

Energetic/Emotional Healer