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Biomagnetic Pair Therapy or Biomagnetism is a therapeutic system developed by Dr Isaac Goiz Duran, MD  based on his discovery of the first Biomagnetic Pair (BMP) in 1988.

This revolutionary medical discovery is now taught at some major Universities worldwide, practiced at some hospitals and clinics and recognized by mayor medical institutions and governments as part of their health care programs.  This system consists on the recognition of altered energy points in the human body which can cause disease or illness. This recognition is carried out with passive magnets (not electrified or connected to electronic machines) which are applied in specific areas of the body as part of the Bioenergetic scanning.

...Ed Japgnie

Ed Japgnie

What is Biomagnetic Pair Therapy?

Biomagnetic Pair Therapy (BPT) – developed by Isaac Goiz Durán, MD, over the last 30 years – has proven to be beneficial for addressing a wide variety of clinical illnesses, including infectious diseases.

Ed Japngie is a 30+ year veteran in the arena of in-person and remote healing.  Remote healing allows one to directly receive healing benefits without even having to physically be here with the same degree of success as if you were here in person. 

Ed utilizes several techniques in an effort to effectively identify and neutralize pathogen (viral, bacterial, fungal, parasite) based conditions. 

Ed is a certified medical BioMagnetism therapist and having combined magnet therapy with other skill sets over the past 8 years he has developed a highly successful protocol for the neutralization and elimination of pathogens responsible for Lyme Disease, Epstein Barr and Herpes.

Ed is also a certified practitioner and former trainer in several frequency and energy medicine modalities including microcurrent therapy, NLP and biofeedback.

If you are in the Sedona area Ed also offers VisionQuest Sound Journey  experiences.  Utilizing a combination of music, light, alchemy and frequency medicine Ed delivers an unforgettable experience in which you will journey through elevated states of consciousness in the course of a single session that would otherwise take decades of practice to achieve.  With VisionQuest Sound therapy no sacred herbs or medicines are involved or needed to achieve remarkable states of consciousness.

My Mission statement: 

Provide access to highly effective tools for healing and transformation to those committed to or interested in furthering their spiritual journey of expansion, elevation and ascension.

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