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Corrie Cooperman

About Corrie

Corrie's shamanic healing sessions use the ancient healing techniques from Peru and South America as taught by Alberto Villoldo. Corrie trained with Alberto from 2002 through 2005 and is a graduate of his shamanic healing school. She became a shamanic healing instructor with The Four Winds organization for several years and has continued with her shamanic healing practice in Sedona, AZ. Corrie has had extensive training in the use of intuition which provides additional clarity and focus to her work. Her Shamanic Healing sessions are enhanced by her knowledge of health and wellness as an R.N. and her coursework in Functional Medicine.

About Shamanic Healing Sessions

Corrie believes shamanic sessions offer one the most thorough and in-depth ways to address a life problem and create healing. Each Shamanic Healing session addresses a significant life issue. Corrie uses her tracking skills to search for thee root cause of  the issue or health problem. Finding the root cause is one of Corrie's strengths and contributes greatly to her success in shamanic healing. Once the root cause of the problem is identified, Corrie uses her shamanic skills to remove its energetic imprint residing in the body.

Energy Removal, Soul Retrieval, Generational Healing, and Chakra Clearing are the main shamanic tools Corrie employs. The most significant contribution to the lasting nature of the healing is in the reworking of the energetic and mental fields to allow a new way of being in this world.

Soul Retrieval is an ancient healing practice done in may indigenous cultures. When we experience a traumatic event, or a difficult and limiting condition in our childhood, a part of our 'soul' or essence can split off from our larger self. Bringing this soul part back re-connects us with our fuller self and activates well functioning parts of ourself that may have been dormant. Soul Retrieval is a very touching and healing experience.

Energy Removal involves the delicate task of removing energies from our energy field that do not belong to us. These energies may be from people with who we have had a difficult experience. They can also be from beloved people in our lives, but whom's wishes or values do not match our own and interfere with following our own path. Clients report a sense of relief and feeling of lightness after having the potent Energy Removal process take place.

Generational Healing is frequently a part of a shamanic healing session. Even when we have done excellent self-work regarding hand-me-down psychological traits from our heritage, we may still have some energetic residue that  limits  our full healthy functioning now. The Generational Healing process removes that energetic imprint and frees us up to be more positive in our outlook and emotional functioning.

Shamanic sessions are available by telephone or webcam, and also in-person at Corrie's office in Sedona, AZ.




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