Tonya June Moore

Intuitive Card Reader and Storyteller


Tonya June Moore

Intuitive Card Reader and Storyteller


Intuitive card reader and storyteller

The Bee and The Spider


“Wisdom” - Jenny W.

“Divinity” -Anne S.

“Wisdom, intuition, tuning in” -Aaron H


“Tell me the facts and I’ll learn. Tell me the truth and I’ll believe. But tell me a story and it will live in heart forever.” – Native American Proverb


I am a storyteller. Stories are remembered and science agrees that when story is used, the listeners retain and utilize information more easily. Tarot and card reading are an integral part of my work.


At 14, my interest was peaked, when I found an encyclopedia volume about spirituality, myths, and legends. It was a whole new world of information. Many spiritual paradigms have used cards to impart intuitive information.


I received my first Tarot deck at 20. Imagine my joy when I learned Tarot is a story. The entire deck tells the story of The Fool on his “Heroes Journey” (thank you Joseph Campbell) to his divine world. As he journeys, he meets his guides, faces challenges, and overcomes all obstacles. Triumph!


I still use the same deck today. I have added many others and they are all useful. When I read for you, a story unfolds. I share parables, personal experiences, and intuitive guidance using the cards for your personal story. With each reading, you get your own divine guidance to set you on your journey to your perfect triumph.


It is my honor to read for you.

May your blessings be abundant and your happiness be effortless.