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LaRue Briggs - Alchemical Hypnotherapist

Interview by: Aideen T. Finnola on September 5, 2020

It is my pleasure to introduce you to alchemical hypnotherapist, LaRue Briggs and to share some of my delightful interview with her. LaRue is the mother to two adult children, four grandchildren, and a great-grandson. She began her journey as a Radiological Technologist and then owned a health club for many years. About three decades ago, she took her hypnotherapy training, followed by many hours of continued education, and has helped countless people to access deep internal transformation.

When I asked LaRue to explain hypnotherapy in general and her work specifically, she was quick to point out the difference between “stage hypnosis” and hypnotherapy and assured me that she has never made anyone cluck like a chicken or bark like a dog. She is specifically trained in alchemical hypnotherapy, which addresses sub-personalities like the Inner Critic and the Inner Child, and is designed to create powerful lasting change through subconscious integration. Ultimately, LaRue’s clients gain the benefit of a deeper connection with their Higher Self and their Divine Guidance which, on a practical level, equates to increased integration and stress management.

When I asked LaRue how her work aligns with her Soul Purpose and her Core Heart Desires, she talked about feeling a calling to be of service from the very young age of five. This desire to be of service has been the underlying motivation in anything and everything that she has done over her life, but being an alchemical hypnotherapist provides her with the deepest expression of her Soul Purpose. Through her work she helps to facilitate profound and lasting positive changes for the individuals who work with her, which in turn facilitates profound and lasting positive changes for the whole world.

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