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Corrie Cooperman - Shamanic Practitioner

November 2020


Early in her life Corrie responded to the calling to help other people, first by becoming an RN.  After becoming an RN Corrie was quickly guided to train in the world of alternative healing.  She complimented her nursing career as a massage practitioner, eventually training in and doing Aston Patterning bodywork, an offshoot of Rolfing, for many years.  Ultimately she became attracted to the more energetic forms of healing and has specifically chosen Shamanic Healing because of its depth of focus and healing. Intertwined with her role as a healer, Corrie also developed quite the appreciation of astrology and the rich insight it offers. She has been a professional astrologer for 25 years.


Corrie had the fortunate opportunity to be a shamanic practitioner at The Sanctuary at Sedona, providing weekly shamanic sessions to all their clients for six years.  Observing the shifts those clients made through the various shamanic healing tools, including Soul Retrieval, Energy Removals, Generational Healing, Cutting Cords, all served to reinforce Corrie’s dedication to this form of healing.  Corrie’s particular gifts of accurate intuition and her uncanny ability to track a current issue to its origin, serve to increase the results her clients receive.


Corrie trained with Alberto Villoldo and is a graduate of his Four Winds shamanic healing school.  She now offers her shamanic healing sessions by webcam, phone, and in person at her office in Sedona.


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Jo Homar - Psychic Medical Medium/Advanced Master Healer

October 2020

It is my pleasure to introduce you to Sacred Sedona Now's clairvoyant psychic medical medium, spiritual messenger and master healer, Jo Homar. Jo comes from a large family consisting of 6 sisters. Being the second oldest of seven children she was a stable presence in the home. She has always been a lover of animals and nature. Early in her years as a child she experienced lots of unusual phenomena but didn't understand it at a young age and had nobody to talk to about it.  She went about life and built a successful career in the corporate world while not giving much thought to her spiritual experiences. It was during a few life changing events when Jo noticed a conscious shift in her being. 


One of Jo's life changing events happened one evening when Jesus visited her and invited her to a sacred heart ceremony. In that moment Jo took an oath with Jesus to do her spiritual work honestly and simply. With Jo there are no theatrics. Through her spiritual gifts of seeing (clairvoyance) and hearing (clairaudience) she simply taps into the universal knowledge and healing that is available to all. Jo's clients often refer to her work as being powerful yet gentle at the same time.


Whether you need to raise your vibration, clear karmic residue, balance your chakras, connect with loved ones or your high self energies to gain insights; Jo can facilitate that for you. She has a vast array of spiritual tools in her toolbox. Jo provides a RESET for her clients so they can look, feel and function their best. All of her sessions are intuitively guided in an effort to create new pathways and patterns that support you.

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LaRue Briggs - Alchemical Hypnotherapist

Interview by: Aideen T. Finnola on September 5, 2020

It is my pleasure to introduce you to alchemical hypnotherapist, LaRue Briggs and to share some of my delightful interview with her. LaRue is the mother to two adult children, four grandchildren, and a great-grandson. She began her journey as a Radiological Technologist and then owned a health club for many years. About three decades ago, she took her hypnotherapy training, followed by many hours of continued education, and has helped countless people to access deep internal transformation.

When I asked LaRue to explain hypnotherapy in general and her work specifically, she was quick to point out the difference between “stage hypnosis” and hypnotherapy and assured me that she has never made anyone cluck like a chicken or bark like a dog. She is specifically trained in alchemical hypnotherapy, which addresses sub-personalities like the Inner Critic and the Inner Child, and is designed to create powerful lasting change through subconscious integration. Ultimately, LaRue’s clients gain the benefit of a deeper connection with their Higher Self and their Divine Guidance which, on a practical level, equates to increased integration and stress management.

When I asked LaRue how her work aligns with her Soul Purpose and her Core Heart Desires, she talked about feeling a calling to be of service from the very young age of five. This desire to be of service has been the underlying motivation in anything and everything that she has done over her life, but being an alchemical hypnotherapist provides her with the deepest expression of her Soul Purpose. Through her work she helps to facilitate profound and lasting positive changes for the individuals who work with her, which in turn facilitates profound and lasting positive changes for the whole world.

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