Alisha Mishell

Transformational Astrology

Sacred Sedona Now

The foundation of my work is left and right brain integration. Bridging the gap between the mysterious and the mundane.

With over 22 years of experience, I use math and intuition to read charts and to teach –  reminding  others their connections to the Solar System.

...Alisha Michelle

Alisha Mishell

Transformational Astrology

Astrology is an ancient science that can serve as a tool to heal our personal and global splits in consciousness.


I have been called a Scientific Mystic and Transformational Astrologer as I assist my clients by bringing awareness to their subconscious patterns and karmic residue while clarifying their innate gift and attributes.

I interpret charts from both a personality (Exoteric) and a soul (Esoteric) point of view.

I teach children and adults how to appreciate their uniqueness, and to face and embrace their shadow within the spectrum of their personal astrological blueprint for their empowerment and personal development.